Stay Healthy While Traveling

No one plans to get sick on a trip, but that could be part of the problem: without proper packing and precautions, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to some fun-dampening illnesses. There are exotic ailments your body might not be prepared to fight (like Malaria), common colds you could catch from other travelers on a packed plane, or the dreaded food or water-borne “traveler diarrhea” you might need antibiotics to cure. All could land you in the doctor’s office instead of the local landmarks.

10 Infamous FDA Drug Recalls

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government agency tasked with regulating the safety of all the drugs, food, makeup, medical devices, dietary supplements, biological products, vaccines and supplements available in the United States. The FDA works to ensure that products are safe, wholesome, sanitary and carry the proper labels. Even though the department has been responsible for these issues since the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, there are occasional oversights that result in FDA recalls, including some in recent history.

10 Deadly Diseases That Have Been Eliminated in the U.S.

The control of infectious disease through immunization is one of the greatest public achievements of the past century. In the United States, the availability of vaccines has reduced or nearly eliminated many infectious diseases that once caused death for thousands of children and adults. Below is a list of 10 deadly diseases that have been eliminated or virtually eliminated in the U.S. thanks to preventative vaccines.

Staggering Hunger Facts That Will Make You Extra Thankful This Thanksgiving

For many people in the United States, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a huge feast. But for the 50.1 million Americans who struggle to put food on the table, it’s just another day of hunger. The dangers of food insecurity—the inability to access healthy food due to economic struggles or accessibility—are very real and can have a lasting effect on the health and wellness of everyone from infants to seniors.